Ingenium Solutions is the industry leader in Agile and DevOps solutions. As Atlassian Solution Partners, we are here to partner with you on your Agile DevOps journey. Our staff is expertly trained and available to assist your team with the installation, configuration, and management of the Atlassian suite of tools including JIRA, Confluence, BitBucket, Crucible, Crowd, and other Add-Ons. In addition to consultation, we provide full in depth training for your team. By helping manage your licenses, we can ensure that you are always getting the best possible pricing and utilizing the best user tier. We can help you fully customize your instance or get it de-cluttered. We can help you further the adoption of JIRA to your organization so that it is being used for all that it can be. Together, we can help you build better releases, deploy quality code, and get your product to market faster. We offer Agile and Git training to help your staff develop best practices around managing their development practices. Ingenium Solutions can build your own DevOps tool chain to manage your entire infrastructure. We provide managed DevOps solutions so that you can focus on what your team does best, creating code to build great apps. We have found that successful teams automate as many routine tasks as possible. One solution we recommend is Chef. Chef can help you manage your IT infrastructure but managing it as code. Need a testing environment? Need to more server space to handle a large influx in web traffic? With Chef, you can help your IT and Operations team move to a DevOps model, where code is created to build automated environments to deploy when and where you need them. We provide monitoring, security, and frameworks. With close integration to Amazon Web Services (AWS), we can help you to maintain a secure, organized, and compliant source for your data. Ingenium Solutions is ready to take your team to the next level. Are you?