This will hopefully be a useful tool. When choosing the correct version of WordPress for your purposes.

Some Background.

The founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little released WordPress.org on May 27,2003. Introduced under the GPLv2 license. It is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) and written in PHP.WordPress.com opened to beta testers in August 2005 and to the public November 2005. It runs on a modified version of the open source piece of software. They provide free blog hosting for registered users. It is owned and operated by Automattic, Inc.
WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world (with over 35% usage). The main competition being Drupal and Joomla a distant 2nd and 3rd. Currently there are over 27 Million live WordPress websites with more appearing daily. No matter which version of WordPress you choose you’ll be in good company.

Using WordPress comes in three Varieties:

  • The First is the hosted blog website by WordPress.com for register users. It is free but with some caveats.
  • The Second is the WordPress.com which also comes with free hosting. But it is financially supported by their upgraded plans. Like their Business Plan that allows for a lot of self-hosted functionality. For example optional plugins and custom themes.
  • And the third is the self-hosted version. This software is available for free to download at WordPress.org. But this version requires purchasing hosting with another provider. Such as Ingenium Solutions and installing WordPress software on it.

Today we are going to do a comparison of both WordPress offers to try to determine which is best for your needs.




The biggest difference in WordPress.com over WordPress.org is the need for hosting. You don’t have to download software, pay for hosting, or manage a web server. You can instead focus your creativity on amazing content, and let them handle the rest!
When publishing your website it is always free here at WordPress.com. And paid upgrades are always available to assist you to pump up your site. These upgrades allow you to use a custom domain (like my.Blog). To customize the appearance of your site, upload HD video, and lots more.
WordPress.com is a commercial enterprise owned by Automattic. The company was started by the founding developer of WordPress. It is always staffed by full-time developers, designers, and support engineers. Automatticians (employees of Automattic) are continually contributing back to the WordPress software. This so that the entire WordPress community can benefit.
WordPress.com has always been a great choice for bloggers, photographers, artists, or anyone desiring their own website. Techies, who are looking to maintain full control over their code, should consider hosting their own installation. They provide a large number of themes and built-in plugin components so you won’t need to upload your own. Though you can, if you have the Business plan for your site. You check out the different choices here.

Do you need a Hosted site?

You may have understood that you needed a hosted site. If your needs are of a simple blog with no complications when hosting with WordPress.com. They will maintain your upkeep and maintenance. You can do most of these things with your Free WordPress.com site. Below is a summary of the many of the choices available with Free sites you host here!
Your website has free hosting.
Pre-installed SSL Certificate.
Dozens of free themes
3 Gb of memory
Jetpack Essential Features

I want a Website, not a Blog.

On WordPress.com, the use of “website” or “blog” are interchangeable terms. All their themes are used for either a website or a blog. Their default layout is a blog-style format. You can always change your theme’s layout to a website-style format. With the upgraded paid sites you get more memory storage, a free domain for 1 year. Email & Basic Live Chat Support. Removal of WordPress.com Ads , Subscriber Only Content and as you go up in plans there are even more choices.

I would like specific features like SEO and Social Sharing options

WordPress.com includes the following features. This is so you don’t need any third-party plugins. SEO, Google Sitemaps, Backups and security. Social sharing buttons Icons . “Share to Facebook” services, Image galleries, Contact forms and much more! They also have over 200 customizable themes to choose from in their showcase.

I need to put in a Plugin or Custom Theme.

Does your site need more functionality? Want to use a theme you’ve purchased elsewhere or had custom developed for you? If the features above doesn’t somehow meet your needs. You can install custom third-party plugins and themes you purchased elsewhere. You can do this by upgrading to their Business Plan. This is the only plan available for this.

I need Stats and Google Analytics

WordPress.com stats are available in every WordPress.com site. From their free plan to their Business Plan Jetpack Essential Features . If you want to use Google Analytics for more in-depth data. You can integrate it with a site on a WordPress.com Premium or higher plan.

I want to monetize my site

If you’d like to earn advertising revenue, they do have an advertising program. it is WordAds. You can apply for WordAds here. You will need a custom domain name, and your site must meet asmallm traffic requirements. Automatic enrollment in WordAds is also included in their Premium Plan.
Google AdSense and other outside advertising can be used for sites on their Business Plan.
PayPal buttons are often used on any WordPress.com site. There are Payments buttons are available on their Premium or Business Plan sites.
Affiliate links can be used on WordPress.com sites. Provided they are not the primary purpose of your site.

I need support for my site

WordPress.com is a company with a dedicated support staff. “WordPress” itself is open source software and completely supported by volunteers.
If you would like help getting started, it’s best to host your site on WordPress.com where you’ll access support. Depending on your upgrade, we provide support via email, live chat, and/or support forums.
Check here for pricing of WordPress.com

Ownership Hosting/WordPress.org

As you compare the difference of the two WordPress programs. You must keep in mind that WordPress.org is also free to download. It is an open source content management system (CMS) the same as WordPress.com. The main difference being that you need to buy your own Domain Name and Hosting. This means you have ownership of your website. And with that the responsibility of the maintenance and upkeep of your site. I have seen many quotes saying that this is not only free but priceless. You’ll understand why as we dig deeper into this program.
When publishing your website you’ll find the cost of the domain name to be in the neighborhood on average of $15. This depends on which one you choose. The most popular being .com , .net and .org. There are to many new ones to list here but you can check them out at ingenium.solutions. the cost of hosting depends on your individual needs. Are you setting up a blog or wanting an Ecommerce site? Prices are available at ingenium.solutions .
Now you are ready to get your free download of WordPress.org.

You Need Self-Hosting

This happens after you have tried WorPress.com and found that the choices are limited. With WordPress.org there are so many choices of themes (both free and paid) and plugins (both free and paid). New third party themes and plugins are being created and made available all the time. As a result the choices are almost unlimited. I have found that if you do your research you will find most of what you need right inside the WordPress panel. Also remember you own this site so all upgrades are your responsibility. Do make sure whatever themes and plugins you decide to install. Are first compatible with your WordPress installment and do take time to review them.

Website or Blog

You have many choices on themes to choose from even some with very specific uses. This is where the fun and frustrations (if your new) begin. Take your time to check out what are your goals for your web design. It can be from a simple Blog to a complicated Business or Storefront format. You can even have a Family website. It is completely up to your imagination. Take the time to plan out what you want to do with your site.

Specific Features

All the features mentioned in the WordPress.com comparison are available. You will also find you are not limited to what is available with WordPress.org. You will have the ability to buy custom third-party plugins. There are many page builders available. Both free (Elementor being the most popular ) and some for sale (most will give you a free trial period). This makes your selection to almost anything you desire. Remember this is an open-source platform and techies are always looking for ways to improve it.

Plugins Or Custom Themes

Unlike the free version of WordPress.com where you need to upgrade. WordPress.org has not only their free versions. But with it being an open-source there is a continual stream of new plugins and themes available. Yoast SEO is the most popular downloaded plugin. There are many others to choose from depending on your needs. You can also have someone develop one specifically for you. A word of caution about plugins. Make sure your version of WordPress is compatible with the plugin. This can be accomplished on the plugins menu.

Stats and Google Analytics

There are so many plugins that will supply you with stats. One of my favorite is Google Search Console (free from google). And of course Jetpack Essential Features. Check the plugins to see what is available.

Monetizing Your Site

This is where WordPress.org starts to really shine. There are so many Themes and Plugins to monetize your site. One of the most popular eCommerce plugins used is Woocommerce.
There are Affiliate programs such as CJ (Commission Junction), Share a Sale and even Amazon. They all offer opportunities to monetize your site. Most of them have training programs to help you do this and succeed. There are many different payment programs available. Including Paypal, Stripe, and Square that allow you to collect payments on your site. Most of these you have to apply to be approved. Then there is Youtube which is overflowing with free videos. Basically to teach you different ways to make money online using WordPress.


Remember that you own this site and it is a open source program and free. There is no support department to call or email. There is a whole community of people (via their WordPress.org Forums ). They are willing to share and guide you with whatever problems arise. WordPress also holds Wordcamps throughout the year at different locations around the world. There is also a Documentation on their website to guide and help you. This as well as many training video Youtube sites.
Click Here for information and to download WordPress.org




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